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Laser Engraver

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

This process can be done on a variety of different materials. The customer usually has a design that we are able to put onto a computer program and adjust all the settings based on the material. We call this our high tech wood burning machine.

How It's Made

-The speed of the machine will determine the depth. The slower the laser moves the darker the wood will turn leaving the areas the laser passes by quickly to remain a lighter shade of wood.

-The power can be adjusted to determine how deep you want the material to be engraved into. The stronger the power the deeper it will engrave.


-Wood -Leather -Granite -Cardboard -Paper -Plastic -Tile -Stone -Glass

What can you make?

You can customize most of your everyday used items. The possibilities are endless!

-Dog tag -Headstone -Christmas Ornaments -Travel Mug -Keychain -Wine Glass -Coaster

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