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Carved Gold Leaf Signs

The process is a long but rewarding one.

1) First step is to rout the material so the letters have those indentations.

2) Next step is to paint the base color of the sign, in this case maroon.

3) Mask off the parts you don't want to turn gold.

4) Next is to paint the letters with a thin coat of yellow paint mixed with a glue substance so the gold will stick.

5) Finally after allowing that to mostly dry we can start placing our 24k sheets of pure gold on the lettering.

6) Lastly we use a brush to clean it up and peel off the mask, paint a solid outline and it's ready to go!

Why would you want one?

Businesses often get these signs made because they look classy. They are also often made for camp signs, as seen below.

More Info:

These signs are typically made out of a material called HDU. The size range is almost limitless. The base color can be whatever you want. And these signs will last upwards to 20 years outdoors, the paint will fade and chip over time but the gold leaf will remain in tact.

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